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Rice bran oil equipment produced rice bran oil in the storage of the note

Pubdate:2017-03-08 11:12

In rice bran oil equipment, the use of crushing or leaching method made of rice bran oil is our most commonly used as a cooking oil. Because rice bran oil equipment used in the main raw materials for rice, so folk is also used to call rice bran oil for rice oil. However, rice bran oil in the improper storage is prone to oxidative rancidity, making oil loss of nutritional value, or even can not eat. So rice bran oil in the storage should pay attention to four areas:

(1)oil as far as possible stored in dark, you can use dark or brown bottle storage, must not be placed in the sun direct. The use of brown bottles to store edible oil, edible oil rancidity occurs longer than the use of white bottles can be delayed about 50%.

(2)oil to low temperature storage, storage temperature is too high, can accelerate the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and enzyme vitality, and promote oxidation of oil rancidity.

(3)to ensure the purity of oil, as far as possible to reduce the residue into the oil.

(4)In addition rice bran oil equipment used in the production of rice bran oil containers must be used to dry, to prevent moisture mixed into, causing oil rancidity.


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