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The microwave stability of rice bran changes the extraction that reachs its grease and protein to study

Pubdate:2018-03-05 14:54

Rice bran produces acid easily in deposit process to be defeated to wait for metamorphism and cause character to drop need changes the method that the deposit quality that improves rice bran uses on industry at present through stability is to use extruding method but cost of extruding law investment is pairs flexibility is little higher nutrition of rice bran constituent. Microwave can fast and efficient inhibition stability of microwave of the lipase in rice bran is changed is a kind of new technology that has development outlook relatively the rice bran of solvent law extraction that this task studies to the microwave condition stability to rice bran changes the effect to decide appropriate microwave condition compares microwave stability to change rice bran for raw material with rice bran is oily. .5 Kw/ . Microwave stability changes rice bran to fall at room temperature (25 ℃ , 37 ℃ ) 90 days of fatty acid are worth the deposit not to exceed 15mgKOH/g. The solubility of albumen of the rice bran after microwave stability is changed, emulsibility increases force of the function that run water to rise. The acid value lowest of oil of the rice bran after be being handled than microwave with photograph of means of other heat treatment oxidizes too the value is highest. The acid value of the rice bran oil that processes through the microwave after the deposit, lightness changes most the character of oil of the rice bran after peccadillo oxidation value reduces most rice bran to be handled through microwave is best. 2. (The article in all 56 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Authoritative provenance China paper of Master of university of middle peasant course of study 2010 food science and technology

Rice bran stabilizes the experimental research that changes a method

The elite place that the by-product that rice bran is rice also is paddy centered paddy the nutrient composition of 64% is contained rich protein, saccharide, adipose, vitamin, mineral wait for nutriment with prandial fiber [1] . Year of crop of our country rice bran about 10 million T[2] . But the in because fat solution is enzymatic,showing huge active to be able to decompose rice bran quickly grease after rice bran breaks away from unpolished rice and make acid value rises considerably the economic value that makes acid of rice bran happening is defeated to affect rice bran thereby [3] . Through adopting certain measure is restrained and the active with enzymatic solution of fat of passivation rice bran makes rice bran character tends stability can be achieved defer bad to change, raise rice bran to be able to bear or endure the purpose of lay aside sex. The method that at present rice bran stability changes processing includes to refrigerate law, extruding law, radiation law, chemistry to handle law, heat treatment law and microwave law to wait [4-8] . To seek already effective, economy fast and convenient processing technique considers to work hot way to using originally [law of 9] , damp and hot [10] and the stability that microwave law handles rice bran undertook compare and be analyticed. 2 natrium citric acid crosses hydrogen of; phosphoric acid benzene of oxidation hydrogen adjacent hydrogenous natrium oxyhydrogen turns 2 amine sulphurous acid potassium; . . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>


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