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Rice bran oil is made take the research that reachs fine craft

Pubdate:2018-03-22 09:12

. Rice bran is the important by-product in rice process presses a branny rate of 7% computation is annual producible 13.3 million tons rice bran. And the fat content in rice bran can amount to the left and right sides and 20% soja to comparative. Because this rice bran is a kind of main oily source. Rice bran oil is contained as oil of a kind of new-style and natural plant do not have in a variety of other oil and good to health special and active part. Rice bran oil is had enhance immune power, reduce cholesterol, adjust hematic fat, prevent arteriosclerosis to wait for soya-bean oil of functional nutrition overbalance, rapeseed oil. Rice bran oil gets increasingly because of rich nutrient value and sanitarian function the attention of consumer and favour. Resource of our country rice bran distributings come loose and wide very hard short time makes oil together centrally; In addition active is contained in rice bran taller fat solution is enzymatic the acid value of rice bran crude oil that because raw material of this rice bran is extremely easy,acid defeats degenerative preparation to go out is higher. Rice bran oil is made take and a lot of technology difficulty also exist in fine process these elements restrict the oil of edible rice bran of high level of not easy preparation oily industrialization of our country rice bran develops. The development of rice bran oil is having important sense to oil of our country edible (1) raises oil of vegetable of our country edible self-sufficient rate is current plant of our country edible is oily external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent more than 60% ; (The nutrient value that 2) increases oil of edible of our country rice bran is current home (the article in all 66 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Paper of Master of university of science and technology of industry of the Na Lin in authoritative provenance 2013 Shanxi university

Oily fine of small rice bran and branny candle make the research that takes technology

Oil of small rice bran is contain a variety of organism such as element of not alcohol of steriod of rich vitamin E, plant, saturated fatty acid, Guwei among them from what fine is drawn in small Mi Gukang and become active material. Be opposite domestic and internationally at present the research of oil of great rice bran already had product of branny oil of little money rice in more market. But the sale that at present oily to small rice bran research did not see product of millet branny oil in the market rarely however. The article emphasizes the nutrition for oil of research small rice bran and applied value analysed millet branny oil so that craft of the nutrient composition change in fine process, dewax and waxiness composition are Xiaomi branny. The research content of the article and result are as follows 1, research of oily come unglued of small rice bran passes only factor and orthogonal experiment to decide Xiaomi is branny the experiment of optimal craft condition of oily come unglued shows when warm-up temperature the citric acid solution of % changes 55 ℃ degum after 20 minutes rejoin. % . 2, % those who join chroma to be 20 Baume degrees is alkaline. . . (The article in all 61 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>


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