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The method of rice bran oily fine that contains a lot ofGu Weisu studies

Pubdate:2018-07-02 11:05

Rice bran oil is value of a kind of nutrition very tall vegetable oil is called in abroad " healthy nutrition oil " among them content of oleic acid, linoleic acid is respectively 42% be close to 1 ∶ with 38% scale the 1 oleic acid that accords with international sanitation organization to recommend and linoleic acid scale are 1 ∶ of 1. Gu Weisu is the asafoetida sick at heart that alcohol of 3 terpene Xi and plant steriod alcohol form the mixture of ester has content of the cholesterol in reducing blood and the function that fight consenescence. Oil of long-term edible rice bran has disease of blood-vessel of precautionary heart head to promote metabolism and the function that fight consenescence. At present already extensive edible contains a lot ofthe developed country such as Euramerican, Japan Gu Weisu's rice bran is oily. At present craft of oily fine of wool rice bran has chemical fine and fine of physical fine chemistry to existing the defect; with big Gu Weisu of neuter oily loss and little reservation of material of active of other live thing and used physical fine craft to raise finished product oil to must be led not only in the meantime. But it is difficult to because rice bran oily part is more complex,contain more free fatty acid, branny candle and solid fat to wait for fine to bring. The raw throughout the country yield a country that our country is paddy rice produces per year rice bran 11 million T controls oil of producible rice bran to make an appointment with 1.4 million T but use at producing high quality rice bran oil rarely however. We undertake to craft of fine of rice bran oily physics the experiment studies. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " food industry science and technology " 12 period grain are oily 2007

Research of balata seed oily refined and practice

Oil of vegetable of edible of our country since consumes big country is entrance big country. At present oil of vegetable of our country edible consumes gross to amount to 25 million T/ year control and homebred gross is maintained basically in 10 million T/ or so years (show the plant that produces from petroliferous makings with our country is oily) the entrance is depended on degree be as high as 60% . With commissariat edible vegetable oil also is the special commodity that matters to the national economy and the people's livelihood its exorbitant entrance depends on degree of stability that lives to the countryman even national safety is adverse. Below this kind of circumstance we should be developed adequately and use the leave no stone unturned of oil plants resource that was not taken seriously in the past or is not discovered to raise oil of vegetable of our country edible self-sufficient rate. Did a few research for our oily to balata seed this fine. The oiliness of seminal complete seed that balata seed is rubber tree 25% ~ 30% . Rubber tree basically grows in Hainan of intertropical area our country and Yunnan two provinces are wide to cultivate. As we have learned only seed of balata of this two provinces produces per year a quantity to be as high as 800 thousand ~ if 1 million T is used at making oil can produce balata seed crude oil entirely left and right sides of 250 thousand T is a kind of vegetable oil that deserve attention new oily source. The iodine number of balata seed oil very be as high as 140gI/100g left and right sides to belong to semi-drying oil to contain a lot ofcontent of not saturated fatty acid to amount to 80% above among them especially flax acid content relatively be as high as 35% above. Research shows seed of edible fine balata is oily. . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>


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