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Pretreatment of rice bran oil production line

Pubdate:2018-07-30 16:51

Cleaning Process:Adopt the magnetic separation removing iron miscellaneous and vibration sieve removing broken clear, rice Xi, etc.
Softening Process:

Vertical softening pot by the superposition of several layers of pot, pan monomer structure of each layer is substantially the same, both sides and bottom of the sandwich,the sandwich was introduced into the steam to heat, soft the material. Softening pot has a vertical axis through the layers, each layer has two pot monomer fin paddle stirrer fixed to the vertical axis of the material layer agitated. Each layer has opened the pot to plate blanking holes, each hole blanking level are an automatic material door, by controlling the quantity down to control the height of the material layer of each pot. While the side walls are each pot exhaust pipe, connected to the common exhaust manifold to discharge softening process of evaporation of water vapor.

Extrusion Process:
Adopting the expander can both improve the yield of rice bran oil and reduce the consumption. The extrusion puffing, on the one hand, can make solution lipase in the rice bran passivated under high temperature and high pressure condition,then prevent the rice bran oil rancidity; On the other hand, the extrusion puffing can make rice bran be porous material grain, and increases the materials bulk density, then improve the permeability and leaching rate which solvent reacts to the material.Drying Process:The puffed rice bran contains about 12% water, and the best moisture for leaching process is 7to 9% there fore,there must be effective drying means to achieve the best leaching moisture. Adopting counter-current dryer can make water and temperature meet with follow-up process requirements, and improve the oil yield, as well as oil quality.


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