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Extraction of rice bran oil production line

Pubdate:2018-07-30 17:00

In extraction workshop, the materials from pretreatment workshop is soaked and sprayed by a special solvent. In this way, oil is extracted. After a series of separation, distillation and desolvation, we get crude rice bran oil and rice bran meal. Extraction usually includes solvent extraction, desolventizing of wet meal, evaporating and stripping of miscella,solvent steam condensation and recovery, vent gas recovery and other sections. Rotor extractor has several advantages of better extraction effect, reliable in operation, long extraction time, low running speed and low power consumption. But it also has several disadvantages. The bed of materials inside it is too deep, which requires materials with good condition (low moisture content and powder content). Because of this, lower its adaptability. Besides, its large size makes it different to transport and install. Uneven discharging and feeding would also cause bad effect in processing. Bridging would occur in this extractor.

Loop type extractor has better extraction effect. There is a bending section in this extractor, where the materials could be flipped and drained. So its extraction time is the shortest of the three. Its bed of materials is thin and adapts to different materials. This extractor occupies little space but has lots of wearing parts, demands high precision manufacturing and also requires high strength chain, which cause a higher cost. It is easy to transport and install. Feeding and discharging equably and there is no bridging happens. Low power consumption, low solvent consumption and low residual oil content in meal. Although it occupies more space than loop type extractor, there is less stress on the chain and prolong its service life. It also demands high precision manufacturing. It is easy to transport and install. Feeding and discharging equably and there is no bridging happens.


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