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1000T/D rcie bran oil production line

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Rice bran oil , a health friendly edible oil is made from brown layer of rice, which is removed when white rice is produced. It has a balanced fat composition. High smoke point of rice bran oil makes it suitable for high temperature cooking. It is also notable that food prepared using rice bran oil absorbs less oil.1000T rice bran oil production line mainly includes pretreatment section, Preparation, solvent extraction, solvent evaporation, desolventizing, toasting, crude rice bran oil, defatted rice bran.Once it passes our quality check conducted in our laboratory, the rice bran will enter preparation process to separate impurities; and then it proceeds to the solvent extracting section. Further, the solvent will be completely removed from the crude oil before the oil enters refinery plant.Continuous solvent extraction process is to extract oil from bearing materials with the help of solvent. This process is having the following stages in which the material is prepared suitable for extraction. Preparation of raw material-cleaning, cooking, palletizing. Extraction- oil extraction with the help of solvent. Distillation process-separation of crude oil and solvent. Desolventising process-separation of solvent from de-oiled bran. Recuperation section-recovery of solvent vapors from out going vapors. De-oiled bran bagging.The refining method of rice bran oil refinery plant, chemical refinery, physical refinery, chemical and physical combination refinery. Fully continuous refining includes washed degumming system, alkali refining soap removal system, bleaching system, filtration system, physical deacidification and deodorization system, crystallization and maturing system, electrical control system, frozen filtration system, fatty acid recovery system, heat conduction oil furnace heating system, vacuum system .

Success Case

Capacity:20-1000T/DRaw material:rice branEquipment:rice bran oil pretreatment & Expansion machine, rice bran oil extraction machine, rice bran oil refining machineDescription:Rice bran pretreatment, rice oil extraction and refining machine projects is a type of high efficiency rice bran oil processing machine which successfully turns waste rice bran raw material into healthy rice bran oil with low production and high capacity. This Rice oil machine project earns high reputation in Bangladesh market.

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